At Knuzen Tannenbaum we love the wild life.

At Knuzen Tannenbaum we don’t use pesticides #nopesticides because we believe we can produce Christmas trees with a more organic focus. At the moment we are global gap certified and on top of this we also have a naturbaum certification. But the main factor for getting these certifications is love for the nature. We are always looking for cooperating with nature in our production.

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We have sown clover in the latest batch planted because this attracts bees, butterflies and other insects. The clover also have the benefit of absorbing nitrogen which can be used by the trees growth.

We don’t use herbicides and has replaced glyphosate with mechanical tools such as movers and harrows. This gives growing options for different kind of herbs and grasses which again is a benefit for the bees and butterflies.


The insects and different kind of herbs we have gives a variety of birds and it is always a pleasure to watch and hear them. The small birds are also eating the lice’s which can damage our trees.

Knuzen Tannenbaum

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