Knuzen Tannenbaum

Sustainability and biodiversity

At Knuzen Tannenbaum we have nature around all our trees but is it sustainable to grow a Christmas tree for 8 – 10 years and then bring it to your living room for 1 or 2 weeks. A Christmas tree will in average during it’s 10 years absorbs up to 18 kg carbon dioxide, which is released when it decompose or is burned.

But all production has a footprint and this includes Christmas tree production as well. We use fossil fuel when we bring out the fertilizer for our trees, when we pack the trees for export and but them on trucks for transportation across Europe. All actions has a footprint even your first cup of coffee in the morning. But I would really miss my tree in the living room during Christmas.

What product are you buying when you get a tree from Knuzen Tannenbaum.

You buy a tree which is global gap and naturbaum certified. But at Knuzen Tannenbaum we try to extend this. We want to work with nature and is giving nature as much space and options as possible. At Knuzen Tannenbaum nature is around every single tree.

The stripes of flowers which are one of the requirements from our certifications is not only in the 10% of the area, which is dedicated for flower stripes, but around every single tree we have. This gives the wild nature possibilities and joy for us who work at Knuzen Tannenbaum.

Dandelions and Christmas trees in Field Rheinhessen.

To give nature space you must stop using herbicides. This allows herbs and weed to grow between our trees, which the insects, mouse’s and bird can benefit from.

In our 2019 batch we have planted clover to absorb nitrogen. The clover also outrank some weeds which we don’t like such as purple fireweed. (The fireweed can be an intermediate host of fungus, which attacks the trees during spring.) Those places where the weed incl. grass damage the trees we have at Knuzen Tannenbaum controlled it with a plate harrow.

When we allow herbs and weeds to grow in between our trees we give nature a fair chance for finding food and shelter and when you buy a Christmas tree from Knuzen Tannenbaum you secure a place for nature during growth.

Flower stripes in our 2015 batch, Field Rheingau.
Knuzen Tannenbaum