Day by day


Producing Christmas trees with respect for nature is a lifestyle. 

At Knuzen Tannenbaum we have hundreds of nests for our birds so we can secure the nature to be present all around each of our trees and not just in remote corners or stripes of our production fields.

Knuzen Tannenbaum is global gap certified and on top of this we also started to be Naturbaum certified in 2021. We have herbs, clover, grass between our trees which gives habitats for insects. The large amount of small birds helps us in springtime eating lices and other bugs so we help them finding a suitable “departments” where they can have their nests.

We also have falcon nests and large poles where predators such as falcons and buzzards can sit and prevent the crows and black birds from breaking top shoots in spring time.

Compared to other agriculture productions we are rarely inside a tractor but mostly in a pair of hiking boots walking up and down the rows of trees performing different kinds of tasks. This is bringing out fertilizer, removing the branches from the bottom of the tree, reducing the leaders growth in springtime, removing weed with harrows. shaping the trees. Follow us at #knuzen on insta.

If you are interested in import of certified Norrmann Christmas trees contact us at Knuzen Tannenbaum 


cell:      +45 5358 8678

Knuzen Tannenbaum Naturbaum certified 2022