Knuzen Tannenbaum

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  • Baume & Blume at Knuzen Tannenbaum 20.06.22

  • Clover as Green manure 10.06.22

    At Knuzen Tannenbaum we use clover as green manure. The clover is a crop which produce nitrogen which can be incorporated into the soil so the surrounding trees can benefit from it. Typically, the clovers biomass is incorporated with a disk harrow. The primary goal is to add nitrogen and organic matter to the soil […]

  • Reduzierung der spitzentriebe 27.05.2022

    Bei KnuzenT tannenbaum verwenden wir Top-Stop-Zangen, um das diesjährige Wachstum der Top-Triebe zu reduzieren. Jeder Baum gibt ein klip mit einer 45-Grad twist.

  • Bringen Weihnachtsbaum in form 25.04.2022

  • Fertilizer / Dünger 11.04.2022

    We have invested in a machine from Bredsgaard to bring out the fertilizers to our trees. Today we need to bring out only the exact needed amount to our trees so this fertilizer spreader can be calibrated with different sort of fertilizers. The two tubes which blows out the fertilizer can be controlled individually. We […]

  • Fertilizer / Dünger 07.04.2022

    The last week we have been bringing out fertilizer for the Christmas trees. We are using organic fertilizer from DAKA. This year we have invested in a Jutek tractor which can bring out the fertilizer directly on the ground and the containers for holding the fertilizer is being created by Bredsgaard so they each can […]

  • Springtime in Christmas tree production 24.03.2022

    We have been cutting down superfluous trees for nearly 2-3 months now so this week I had a visit from Torben and Valtra 😉 You can see what they did in the video below. In my lunch time I have equipped myself with a Nikon camera and is trying to capture as many different birds […]

  • Knuzen Tannenbaum 03.02.2022

    Producing Christmas trees with respect for nature is a lifestyle. We want nature to be present all around each of our trees and not just in remote corners or stripes of a field. Knuzen Tannenbaum is global gap certified and on top of this we also got a Naturbaum certification in 2021. We have herbs, […]