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Transfer employees with Knuzens Transit Position The transit position is a DMZ, which grants employee handlers access to employees who is outside of the users area of operation, but which can be accessed when the employee is assigned to the transit position.
To transfer an employee between two companies, where the personnel administrators have restricted access to each companys employees. -you need a solution. In many organisations with several companys each company will have their own SAP HCM ’s functions where the personnel administrators have access to the companys employees. This generates a problem for personnel administrators when an employee is going to have a new position in one of the other companies within the organisation because each personnel administrator only is allowed to handle their employees within their own part of the organisation. You can have a corporate personnel administration function which will handle this task or you can set up a position which is not assigned to any organisational structure but which is accessible for all personnel administrators. This position can be imaging as a airport where the employee is in transit waiting from going from one destination to the next. This position can be called a transit position because it is only used for employees who is going from one position to the next. The  process includes two personnel administrators. An sender and a receiver. Both personnel administrators will be authorized to access position 11111111 with access to infotypes 0000, 0001 and 0002. The two personnel administrators will be in contact with each other and will agree upon the date for the transfer of the employee. Hereafter the sending personnel administrator will perform an organisational reassignment where he/ she is sending the employee to the transit position. When this task is done and infotype 0001 has been stored with transit position. The sending personnel administrator contacts the receiving personnel adminstrator who also is authorized to access employees on position 11111111. The employee is now being pick up from the transit position at the date agreed upon between sender and receiver. The receiver runs the organisational reassignment for the employee but now to the permanent position. When the  employee has been assign to the new position there is now IT0001 records with the transit position which eliminates other personnel administrators from accessing this employee.
Transit Position
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