RCAT: Root Cause Analysis Tools: Tools for optimizing the user administrations efficiency to trace common SAP HCM authorizations issues.
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In a general user administration you don’t have time for specialising your personnel to be specilaist and the most common set up for user administration is generalists which have a broad knowledge related to SAP security. To help your personnel in such departments I have developed a set of tools know as the RootCause Analysis Tools RCAT, which analyses several possible issues you can have with SAP HCM/ EIC or E-REC authorizations and displayes them in an logic overview. The tool is called an error tracer and will check an user ID and the users related data, which can have an impact on authorizations.  You can enter a user ID and the employee number, which the user have an issue with.
The tool is divided into 7 tabs, which displays different areas which can impact the user’s authorizations. If there is any issues with the user account in a specific area the tabs will be marked with a red traffic light. In the case below the user ID is not within validity period and the tab for the user Info tab is marked with a red traffic light. When your user administration have changed the validity period you can run the report again.
The next tab Personnel number assignment is also marked with a red trafficlight because there is no assignment of a personnel number with the user ID. The response from the report to user administration is to contact your master data responsible for HR. When your master data responsible have fixed this assignment you can continue with the report.
The employee number 154111 is now assigned to user ID KNUZEN and you can see the traffic light turns green and master data for the employee is displayed so you easily can see where the employee is assigned.
The next issue which appears is the structural profiles. In this case we have another tool called the wizard which is used for assigning our users structural profiles. This wizard is developed so it can run automatically in scheduled batches so everything becomes automatically assigned based on the employees assignment to a business role. The wizard is included in the OneRoleConcept. The text on the tab for structural profile will also tell the User Admin what to do in case of anything is missing. You can see the blue text in the screen shot below.
The next tab which needs to be fixed is the rule set for our user. This tab is only relevant if you are using the OneRoleConcept profiles which makes use of the ruleset. In this case we are missing an entry and when I have generated a this entry in our authorization rule set I can return to fix further issues for my user. In the screen shot below I have made a new entry for my user and I can now return to the authorization trace tool and see if there are any additional issues.
The user is now fixed and is ready for use since all 7 tabs have a green light.
You have now seen how different issues with a user account can be analysed by the authorization trace tool. Off course a well skilled and experienced UA operator will be able to find these issues manually, but the experience and skills of average UA operators are not always present within the SAP HCM area and your operators can be chaged and in this case it is an advantage to have an analysis procedure, which is based on a predefined tool, which gives your operators a one click entry for fixing an issue with our user accounts/ master data.
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