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The OneRoleConcept: Solution for HCM business control.
Based on ABAC: Attribute Based Access Control: Simplicity Transperancy Overview
The Security Concept must be able to handle the requirement from the business, internal compliance and external auditors. Knuzen’s OneRoleConcept is based on experience. We have specialized in handling SAP HCM security for more than 10 years and have developed a variety of solutions for securing a smooth operation of business processes hand in hand with legal requirement and compliance demands for segregation of duty. Experience and knowledge. Knuzen have 15 years of experience with SAP HCM. We have experience with wall to wall SAP HCM solutions and have experience with different roles such as: solution architect, customizer, and trusted advisor. The specialty from Knuzen is our business control and SAP HCM Security. The Holistic View.  A security concept for SAP HCM must secure it for all levels and not only the SAP HCM system alone. The business users normally access a variety of systems for handling their daily tasks, which can involve Portal, Business Intelligence and Employee Interaction Center, e-recruiting, the ERP system and not to forget the kernel, the SAP HCM system. Knuzen’s OneRoleConcept includes them all. The OneRoleConcept is build on the ABAC principle which secures an flexible access control.
Simplicity. Simplicity is always in focus when we are setting up a security concept for our clients. The security concept must always be as simple as possible and aligned with the business processes. If business doesn’t understand the roles or what the roles means. Then you might have an unaligned security concept and business process. To simplify the authorization and security set up you can ask for our OneRoleConcept, which grants one SAP role per business role. Transparency. A well implemented security concept must be picked up by the business itself and the OneRoleConcept includes the business in the work not only during the implementation, but for the operational work in the future. It makes the security less IT dependent and much more anchored in the business where it belongs. GRC compliant. The OneRoleConcept is aligned with SAP’s GRC products. The main focus on simplicity and fewer roles makes it easier to operate GRC since your ruleset is easier to handle with fewer roles and because the request for new roles through CUP or a similar request tool always will be more user friendly with the less roles you need to handle. The OneRoleConcept is build upon the ABAC principle which by Gartne ris described as the future solution for 70% of all ERP system in 2020. The OneRoleConcept uses the attributes from HR to grant access and the IdM part of The OneRoleConcept is also ABAC based so the functional access to the systems is based on your organisational asignment.   If you have a need for simplifying or expanding your existing security concept for SAP HCM please contact us. mail: OneRoleConcept@knuzen.dk or call us at Phone: +45 5358 8678 if you want a presentation of The OneRoleConcept. Solutions –the tips and tricks.  We have experience with most of the SAP HCM modules within workforce operation and talent management. If you whish to be inspired or see examples of flexible customizing then have a look at our solution pages. The solution page is splitted in three areas: SAP HCM Solutions which shows you options for customising or tweaking the customising SAP HCM Security which shows solutions for segregation in relation to SAP HCM and related systems. SAP projects and Operational issues. Organisational issues related to implementation of SAP projects and how to get it into operation.
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