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Knowledge and experience with the SAP HCM solutions for workforce operations, talent Management and shared services. Workforce Operations PA Personnel administration. Personnel administration is the basis for every SAP HCM implementation. When you are setting up the PA module you must be able to see the possible future needs of the system and define the structures so they can handle authorizations, reporting and validation. The structures or organisational levels defined must be consistent and logical. They will be the foundation for payroll, time management, compensation, shiftplanning, und so weiter. The PA module is mandatory no matter which module you choose afterwards. In PA you can choose to implement global employment or even concurent employment with an external personnel ID (please be aware of the consequences when you choose this solution.) OM Organisational management Organisational management is the structure of the organisation and reflects in most set up the reporting structure based on the organisational structure. You do have the option to set up a seperate reporting structure which is different compared to the organisational structure but please be aware of the maintenance related to this set up. The organisational structure can reflect many dimensions and is really an underestimated tool for bringing all kind of organisational dimensions transperant. The most common set up is based on organisational structure with positions and a description of each position based on a job. The description of the position is enhanced with the new talent management structure. The organisational structure is used by many other SAP modules such as workflows for selection of approvers to time statements or travel requests. The organisational structure is also one of the main components in the authorization concepts for HR authorizations and gives us the opportunity to grant access for managers to his/ here employees. We can also set up deputy relations and substitutes. The OM structure can reflect your employees IPE level, super user structure, IT structures, or functional relations such as dotted lines. CATS Cross Application time sheet This is one of the most popular modules in SAP because it works across the applications boundaries. In the time sheet you will be able to log your time with different characteristics from e.g. the project system from CO or HR and you can use the time registration for projects as well as for HR time and payroll. The CATS application can be used in different set up’s such as for off line mobile time registrations which can be loaded back to CATS for further processing. The CATS module can be used in the portal as one of the employee self service applications. PT Time management and Time evaluation. Time management eis one of the siamese twiins for payroll. Time management can be used for negative time registration or positive time registration this means whether you only registrate deviation to the planned time or whether you registrate all your time. Time management has a planning board for teamleads and time administrators called time managers workplace where you can evaluate your teams attendance, absences, leave, overtime in relation to each employees planned working time. The only shortage in time management is the lack of registrating two planned work schedules on the same day. A planned work schedule belongs to the day it start in and this can be a problem when you are working with night shifters who rotates. PY Payroll processes. Handling of payroll is based on national regulation and SAP delivers for most countries a payroll driver. For some countries SAP partners delivers a payroll driver as an add on products. I know of the payroll process but have not experience in setting up schemas und cycles for handling specific union agreements. I know the processes and master data requirement for payroll and can secure an efficient process for payroll handling. If you have a need for a payroll consultants get a consultant who have experience with the the country specific payroll driver and who has an understanding of your union agrements. HCM AUTH HCM Authorizations and Identity Management. To set up a concept for HCM roles and authorizations, to secure the authorization including the structural authorizations are not interfering with the systems performance. To use the information from SAP HCM to identify access needs for our users. This can with identity management be granted automatic.  Knuzen has a long experience with SAP HCM authorizations if you want to see tips and trixs for SAP HCM authorization please follow this link: SAP HCM Authorization Solutions    Talent management. PD and TCM Personnel Development, performance and Talent Management. PD is mastering of job catalogues and to create a job catalogue, which can be used for identity management, compensation management and employee development. PD also includes the qualification catalogues and the structure of such a catalogue. Performance management can be used for appraisal between employee and manager but is also functionality for appraising courses or departments. Performance management can also  be used as input for ECM. Talent management is for succession planning and enhances the structure of our organizations talent needs with job families and functional areas. If you want to see an example of how to integrate the classic PD with SAP Talent management please follow this link: INTEGRATE TCM & PD. NAKISA Nakisa is a new portal based tool for organizational management and succession planning. It is based on our existing data model for organizational management but uses the new data model for succession planning. Nakisa succession planning does not include any backend transactions for administrators but the existing PD transactions can easily be customized to the new data model as well. If you want to see the dataModel for Nakisa and talent management please follow this link: -under construction-   ECM Enterprise Compensation management. To set up a process for merit increase and bonus validation based on the organizations structure. To group employees in different eligibility groups and to use input from performance management as a parameter for determining the merit and bonus calculation for the employee.   TEM and LSO Training and event management and learning solution To handle the day to day activities related to booking, scheduling of courses, coorespondance is one of the main activities for training administrators. It gives us the opportunity to grant qualifications to our employees such as licenses for production. The learning solution is reusing the TEM functionality but is enhanced with the e-learning part where we based on the employees assignment can identify course needs for them.   Shared Services ESS and MSS Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service. The self service component is essential for all HCM functions because it brings the tasks out to those who actual performs them. Self service can be used for both administrative and development tasks. In self service you will be able to handle travel expenses, time registration and invoices which are seen as administrative tasks. But the self service brings the tasks to those who actual have to perform them and brings therefore efficiency to the business. For developing tasks we have performance management, enterprise compensation management and learning solution
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