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This page shows you how to assign an employee more than one position. In the personnel actions you have an option to assign an employee more than one position, which is a real life scenario for several employees.
How to assign a person several positions in SAP HCM PA Business case An employee is going to handle several positions because another employee has left or because the employee has several areas of responsibilities. As thump of rule employees will only be assigned to a single position but this rule sometimes doesn’t seems to meet the facts of real life. To handle multiple position assignments we will also be able to handle the facts of different costcenter assignments. Solution SAP delivers the functionality to assign an employee to several positions through the transaction PA40 where multiple assignments are possible when you are creating a record of infotype 0001 organisational assignment. Example In this example a team manager harry Callahan has been hired to handle the task as team manager for two teams in a production unit. We will now open transaction PA40 to hire the team manager. If the person is already an existing employee, you can run the action “change of position” for assigning the employee to several positions. Leave the position field blank and save IT0000 action or assign a position already now this depend on the customising whether the position has been customised to be mandatory on IT0000 Actions. Press the button assignment You can now insert an additional row by pressing the button. And then you can type in the positions for your employee. The positions with highest rank of assignment (%) will be displayed on infotype 0001 organisational assignment and it is this position which will be presented as the title of the employee! Assign the positions to the employee
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