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Curriculum Vitae Cand. Oecon Niels Knuzen SAP HCM senior Consultant
· Set up of SAP HCM security for NTT Data UK, 2013 · SAP HCM  Authorization Concept Energinet 2013 · SAP CRM EIC OneRoleConcept  Electrolux 2012 · SAP HCM processes consultant Vestas 2012 · SAP HCM consultant Europe roll out, ESS/MSS,Adobe forms, E-REC, LSO, BI Electrolux 2011 · SAP HCM business control Consultant for SAP HCM, E-REC, Adobe forms, SAP achieving  Maersk Drilling 2010 · Performance and authorization optimization Vestas 2010 · Global rollout SAP HCM LM Glasfiber SAP HCM Solution Architect 2010 · Global Payroll Vestas 2009 · Roll Out of Nakisa/ Succession Planning Vestas 2008/ 2009 · Global Rollout and support SAP HCM Vestas 2007-2008 · Rollout of PA, OM, MSS, ESS and e-RC Europe Vestas, 2006 · Go live with hourly payroll based on SAP/ KMD payroll Arlafoods 2006 · Restructuring project of Arlafoods authorizations. 2006 · Member of SAP’s global user group 2006 · Go live with CATS and Shift Planning Arlafoods 2005-2006 · Go Live with KMD payroll for salaried employees Arlafoods 2005 · Creating the Arlafoods SAP HCM consulting team 2004 · Go Live with PA, OM and CATS Arlafoods 2004 · Solution Architect for SAP HR Arlafoods 2003 · Concept for Arlafoods HR authorizations 2003 · Compensation Management consultant for LEGO 2003 · Compensation management lecture for HCM customer group 2003 · Apointed as SAP Project manager for Arlafoods HCM program element 2002 · DSG implementation of SAP R/3 HR. Solution Architect 2002 · SAP HR instructor at the SAP HR academies TAHR10, TAHR20 & TAHR30 period: 1998-2003 · Analysis of compensation processes among danish SAP HCM customers 2002 · LEGO Global HR implementation 2002, roll out DK, UK and US, 2001-2002 · DSB E-learning solution based on TEM. Consultant and project manager 2002 · Nordea Business warehouse solution for Human resources 2002 · ISS reimplementation and customizing of the global template for shift planning. 2001 · PBS, recruiting and HR authorizations 2001 · NOVO Nordisk global HR implementation. Customizing of  HR structures 2001 · DONG reimplementation of SAP, Time management, CATS and HR authorizations. 2000 · Tulip Danish Crown SAP HR R/3 implementation PA, OM, time and payroll 1999 · Scandlines A/S, PA/OM, payroll and time. 1999 · KMD OPUS template, 1999 · SAP HR instructor at academies SAPLAP Atlanta, USA. 1999 · DeMars project/ Danish defense 1997 Development of training material for SAP HR. · Navision financials consultant 1995-1996
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2: knuzen_curriculum_vitae
3: The SAP HCM Authorization concept: The OneRoleConcept
4: RCAT: The RootCauseAnalysisTools related to the OneRoleConcept
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7: Business Control with OneRoleConcept
8: The Details of the OneRoleConcept
10: The OneRoleConcept Business benefits
11: SAP HCM transit position in Om as DMZ for transfer activity
12: SAP HR structural authorization for multiple parts of the organisation.
13: LSO and PD Catalogue control
14: Knuzen Substitute/ Deputy solution for line managers
15: Enterprice, personnel and organisational structures in SAP HCM
16: sap_enterprise_structures_revisited
17: Clean up SAP Organisational Management
18: Consistency check of SAP OM and PD tables
19: SAP HCM combined with personnel development functionality
20: Optimize the System Performance with indexing structural authorizations: RHBAUS00
21: Identity management with the use of SAP HCM attributes
22: organizational_key_vdsk1
23: master_derived_composite_sap_roles.htm
24: Standard tools for identifying SAP HCM authorization issues
25: Enhance the layout of PPOME and PPOSE the organisational structure
26: Enhance the existing PD model and use it for personnel development
27: To be structural restricted or not to be... thats the question
28: Automate your SAP solution and avoid errors and business break downs
29: SAP HCM Authorizations and performance
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33: Upload Documents on your employees
34: Upload Documents on your employees
35: Upload Documents on your employees
36: The role assignment can be used for compliance check and license control.
37: Upload Documents on your employees
38: Upload Documents on your employees
39: Upload Documents on your employees
40: Upload Documents on your employees
41: Data Model for E-ercruiting and Tips & Tricks
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